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Despite the prevalence of mobile and desktop streaming, there is no denying the superiority of a larger screen. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a smart TV with streaming services like Roku or Android TV. Still, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of upgrading to a smart TV set. Before you shop for streaming devices in Kenya, you need just check that your TV has an HDMI port available for proper operation. All you require is a streaming device to start watching your favorite shows and movies instantly, like a TV box or a firestick. Here are some of the streaming devices you can shop in Kenya.

Chromecast with Google TV

While the Roku Express 4K Plus is the best streaming media player currently available, the Chromecast with Google TV is a close second. Chromecast’s superior Dolby Vision support is nice, but the device’s real strength is the helpful voice search features offered by Google Assistant. Also, the seamless connectivity with other Google products like YouTube TV and Google Photos is a major plus in our book. The UI is more modern, but we still favor Roku for its ease of use, straightforward search results, and cheaper pricing. However, existing Google ecosystem users will find that the new Chromecast is the superior smart streaming gadget.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

On the other hand, the Lite offers much more for its low price tag than the Express. The cheapest Roku that supports voice search and control is the Streaming Stick Plus, but with the Fire TV’s built-in Alexa Voice Remote, you don’t have to spend nearly as much. The Fire Stick remote can be used even when there is nothing in the way. The Lite model is the least expensive option if you don’t plan on upgrading to a 4K player.

 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the fastest streaming media player. Apps load very quickly on the Max, and the UI is responsive and easy to use. Moreover, the Max is compatible with the newest playback technologies, including Dolby Vision and Wi-Fi 6. The Fire TV platform and heavy emphasis on advertisements are two of Max’s biggest drawbacks. In screensaver mode, we simply don’t want our TVs to turn into a moving billboards for content or advertisements. However, if you need a speedy device or are already immersed in the Amazon environment, this is a solid option. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is a worthy upgrade over the base Fire TV Stick 4K and the greatest Fire Stick currently available.

Xiaomi Mi Box S.

The Mi Box S doesn’t have anything wrong with it. With its affordable price tag, 4K HDR visual quality, and use of the Android TV operating system, this TV is a great buy. However, there is a major catch to every system’s benefit. The Mi Box S isn’t a step beyond other devices in its price range; the image and sound quality fall short of expectations, and there isn’t enough internal storage to make the most of Android TV’s advanced capabilities. Since its first release, the price of the Mi Box S has fallen dramatically. If it keeps up its current performance, it may be worth considering as a supplementary TV or exploring Android TV before shelling out the big cash for a Shield TV.

Apple TV 4K (2021)

If you want to be sure you have every possible function, the Apple TV 4K is the best option, and it’s priced to match the more budget-friendly 4K streaming devices we just mentioned. To get the most out of their Apple One membership packages and play games on Apple Arcade, buyers should consider purchasing an Apple device. True videophiles will value the HDR and TV calibration customization options, while owners of older Apple TVs will benefit from the enhanced remote. Even though the Apple TV is a venerable remote-control streaming device, most people no longer find it worthwhile to purchase one, given that Roku now offers virtually all of the big applications plus AirPlay.

Tips for your Streaming Device

  • Find out what sets Android TV apart from other Android streaming boxes.

Android TV is Google’s take on a TV operating system, and it’s meant to work like a regular streaming box and be operated using a remote. Only a select few gadgets support Android TV. The Android mobile OS, which is also present in smartphones and tablets, is available on streaming boxes from a number of vendors. The second kind of device often has worse specs, less frequent security patches, and a less satisfying user experience overall. If you’re looking for a Google-based streaming device, we recommend sticking with Android TV rather than other streaming boxes that use the Android operating system.

  • Ensure compatibility between your streaming device and universal remote before using either.

Because streaming devices don’t often respond to remote instructions in the same way that conventional components do, they might pose compatibility concerns with universal remotes. As an example, your television may be able to detect and react to InfraRed (IR) signals from a remote control, and IR signals may be reproduced accurately by most universal remote controls. Many streaming gadgets now only accept instructions over WiFi or Bluetooth, rendering most universal remotes useless. It’s possible to get a universal remote that works with your streaming device, but you should double-check to be sure it does before making a purchase.

  • Consider purchasing an external hard drive to utilize in conjunction with a streaming box if you have a large amount of music and video files to share.

Check to identify whether there is a USB port on the streaming device you’re considering. An external hard disk may be connected to a computer, and its contents can be seen through the USB connector. A hard disk containing media such as photos or videos may be accessed and viewed using a streaming device.







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